About Our Community
Everyone's journey and evolution through life is unique. Our goal is to embrace our client's personal growth through mindful teaching, compassion & respect.
We are a community of dedicated teachers and staff who, from deep personal experience, connect with the bliss and energy of Yoga. Our teachers bring their insight, years of practice and training, as well as creativity and caring energy to class every day.
We invite you to experience our yoga community. It is an honor to share the light and many benefits of yoga. Please check our Facebook page for Shala updates and Mindbody for our class schedule and to sign up.
Jamie Garrison, E-RYT 200, YACEP - Founder & Partner
Yoga has always been a part of Jamie's life. She recalls as a child, being deeply connected to the world around her and as an adult it has become a way of life to maintain that connection.  Jamie began her study of asana, meditation, and yoga philosophy as a teenager. She considers herself to be a humble student of life.

In 2010, while working in the Department of Psychiatry at the University of Michigan, she completed her 200-hr yoga teacher trainingr. Deeply drawn to her personal practice, Jamie found her true calling as a yoga guide. Her goal is to guide others toward their own personal truth, enabling them to live consciously, in touch with their hearts, and finding a practice that suits them.

She is grateful for this opportunity to share her devotion to yoga and to empower her clients to be their own best teacher. She is even more thankful for yoga, which has  proven to be invaluable both physically and mentally throughout  the beautiful journey of pregnancy, labor, and as a mother to 2 beautiful boys. Jamie has immense gratitude for her loving and supportive husband, family, and friends who believe in her vision to open Yoga Shala as a venue to share the light and healing benefits of yoga.
Kevin Honke - RYT 200- Partner
Kevin considers himself a student of nature.  He has been interested in gardening since his childhood, and he continues to grow a variety of fruit and vegetables in his garden. Exploring local woodlands as an amateur mycologist he adds tasty wild mushrooms to his enjoyment of cooking. An avid bicyclist, his car gets to rest for much of the year.

And yoga?  After finishing his career as an engineer he found yoga, or was it yoga that found him.  Kevin started his yoga practice in 2010 with a weekly class and has gradually increased the frequency and his interest in more forms of practice over the years. He enjoys an energetic ashtanga, a soulful vinyasa, the release of yin and the
restfulness of yoga nidra.

A regular at the Yoga Shala since 2013, Kevin has expanded the scope of his yoga practice to include teaching. He truly believes that a place can be found for yoga in anyone’s life, and they will be happier for it.

“For me: I find that yoga has become an integral part of the balance in my life. I am aware of my breathing when biking and walk with mindfulness through the woods. I feel more connected to the world. I smile more often. I feel alive.”
Katie Hipple
Yoga brings an assured, peaceful smile to Katie’s face whenever someone
mentions it. Over the course of nine years of practicing yoga, Katie has had a chance to explore, play with, and be challenged by many types of yoga. She has used this experience to discover a happy place deep within herself built on confidence and strength. The teachings her movements, her breath, and ultimately her awareness shared about locating and challenging her physical, emotional, and spiritual edge while on her mat have led to seeking additional opportunities in her day to day life.  Katie’s classes blend an athletic drive towards a deep practice soothed by compassionate adjustments making each of her classes accessible. Her focus is to bring her students closer to their own personal edge, that beautiful place between force and surrender, so they might uncover the strength and resilience within themselves. Katie has studied yoga in depth by receiving her 200hr RYT from two teacher training programs.
Anna Carney
Born in Cleveland, OH- Anna, began practicing yoga at age 15 when her Father received his teaching certificate and began leading Bikram classes. Shortly after moving to Detroit in 2016, Anna received her 200RYT at Tribe Yoga in Thailand. Anna is the the youngest of five with three older brothers and a twin sister who is also a yoga teacher. She loves to travel, practice yoga, rollerblade and do jigsaw puzzles with her boyfriend. "The only thing more fun than teaching yoga is practicing yoga." ~ Anna
Kaylie Buenrostro

My yoga journey began in 2011, experimenting with a home practice first and then gravitating towards Bikram Yoga. Ever since hearing about Bikram Yoga, something had attracted me to it and I knew that it was something I wanted to do. I loved the sensation of the heat and how it forced me to turn all of my focus inward. After a few years of practicing Bikram Yoga, a friend introduced me to a local yoga studio when I moved to Canton. I found myself challenged by the strength elements of yoga – a completely different challenge from what I was usedto! I instantly fell in love with Ashtanga yoga, feeling so connected to your breath and respecting the discipline of the practice. In 2015, I began a more regular practice and decided to sign up for teacher training in Spring 2016. The course was a completely life-changing experience for me – I learned so much about myself in such a short period of time and continue to use those tools to see the world in a new light every day.

The most significant change that yoga has brought about in my life is that I better understand myself. After my mother passed away several years ago, I had many strange feelings rumbling around in me that I didn’t understand – I couldn’t articulate what they were, why I felt this way, and how to handle them. I never talked about it or gave it attention, so I just let those miserablefeelings linger. Once I learned about meditation and breath through the yoga immersion, it all clicked for me and I began to understand why I would find myself anxious or inexplicably upset at the smallest things. The immersion program transformed the way that I see myself, and as a result, I understand myself and accept myself on a level I did not think possible. Yoga teaches you how to acknowledge your feelings and send them on their way, never judging yourself, andembracing the temporary discomfort and breathing through it. It may have taken several years, but I now finally feel much lighter, happier, and more peaceful with myself.

Come talk to me and share your yoga story with me – I would love to get to know you! Namaste.
Marcia Wincel

I am a student and practitioner of Ashtanga yoga.

In the world of Ashtanga, calling yourself a teacher requires many years of dedication and devotion to the lineage. I have a long way to go.....

As a guide, I only hope to share with students the bits of wisdom I have been fortunate to gain. While I have completed a 200 RYT training program, most of my experience comes from self study, and traveling for the practice. I have attended workshops with some of the best certified and authorized Ashtangis. I began my Mysore practice under the guidance of Matthew Darling at Ashtanga Michigan. I continue to think of him as my teacher.

Most recently, I deepened my study attending the AYC confluence in San Diego. And most memorably, I attended a week long Sadhana in Miami with Sharath Jois.
I've never approached my practice anatomically but rather, as a space of growth & healing. I hope to inspire students to enter that space, beyond the surface of the practice, into a place of surrender, acceptance, and love.
To me Ashtanga is a physical practice with a spiritual intent. Postures will only take you so far. Self-knowledge will make you limitless.
Om Shanti and Namaste
~ Marcia
Amanda Warner
Amanda is a certified fitness instructor with over 4 years of experience in the world of group fitness . She is certified in Zumba, Zumba Toning and has also expanded to teaching kettlebell, strength training and hula hoop fitness. She is currently enrolled in the 200 hour yoga teacher training at Yoga Shala. Amanda encourages her student to have fun in their practice as they set intentions that support their wellness goals.
Carissa Adams
Carissa is a dedicated yogi, believing that spreading the beauty of yoga can better the community and brighten lives. Originally brought to yoga for physical fitness, her practice fully blossomed after finding a home in Yoga Shala. Practicing yoga reminds her that, in a world that can make one feel like a victim of blind uncontrollable fate, we really have much more self-determination than we recognize.

Carissa loves spending time with her family & friends outdoors partaking in sports, hiking, camping, and generally enjoying the sweet energy Mother Nature has to offer. She has lived in South Eastern Michigan all of her life, and loves her beautiful home, family, and community.
JayJay Jones-Zaia
My yoga journey began in 2001.  My first yoga class was extremely challenging, both mentally and physically, but the Savasana changed my life.  I continued to practice yoga for the next 12 years and over the course of that time, noticed the difference yoga was making in my life.  I also acquired a burning desire to take a teacher training so I could share this beautiful gift with others.  My life did not allow for Teacher Training until 2013.   During my training, I realized that I had just scratched the surface of what yoga is and how healing its benefits are. The floodgates opened for me and my thirst to learn as much about this practice, in an effort to heal myself and help others, has been constant. It’s so much more than a physical work out for me.  My yoga practice has saved my life and has taught me a lot about myself…the good, the bad and the ugly.  It has given me the strength and courage to meet the many challenges of  life and it has given me a true feeling of happiness that I never knew was possible.  I know I can resolve anything if I keep coming to my mat because all of the answers lie within each of us.  

My hope as a teacher, is to share this gift with you and help to guide you to a deeper more rewarding yoga journey of your own.  One that will last a lifetime.  Happiness, health and well being is available to each one of us.  Trust the process.  Keep coming to your mat.  Yoga works!!!!   
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